20/15 in 2015: What is your possibility?


20 minutes, 15 weeks – what could you accomplish?

What would you do if you only had the time?

What if you discovered that the time was there; you only had to take it?

Close your eyes and imagine yourself 15 weeks into 2015. How does it feel to say that what you’ve been wanting to do for a while is actually happening?

A Mom Is Born wants to see you reach that goal – to exercise, to meditate, to finish a stalled project, to feed your creative hunger, to satisfy your intellectual curiosity – to do whatever it is that your heart has been longing to do but other responsibilities keep taking priority. Is it a one-time thing, with a clear start and finish? Is it something new you want to incorporate into your daily life, like a habit or ritual? 

You set the pace -

20 minutes devoted to your vision, how many times per week?

15 weeks for us to meet,  weekly or biweekly?

Skype, FaceTime, or in-person in Boston?

Coaching supports you as you determine what’s important, so you can create and take the next step. We’ll collaborate on ways to break free from limiting thoughts and gently push you to imagine the possibilities, then realize them.

Take the time in 2015. It’s yours. Register here to tell me how this story ends — or maybe, how a new story begins.