“More Than A Mom” Moms’ Group

Looking for someone?-2It’s a new group for January!

As busy as your life feels, is there something else you want? Of all the things you do, what is solely your own that makes you happy? If the answer is “Little,” or “Nothing,” you are not alone. Perhaps you are motivated to do something for yourself, but you’re not quite sure what it is. Or if you know what it is, the motivation alternates with guilt. Or maybe the needs of others, like your family and your office, are always coming first.

It’s not uncommon; motherhood is a dive head first into a deep sea. It is a rewarding yet all-consuming experience, filled with love, concern, and self-sacrifice. At some point we come up for air and wish to reconnect with our former selves yet find it difficult — if not impossible —  to do, because motherhood has changed us forever.

What is in your head or heart that needs a place to take shape? Is it a creative urge, a business idea, or a new area of study or exploration? What if you had a group of women and a life coach dedicated to you seeing your vision come to life? Contact me  or click here to read more